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We asked some of the professional photographers that spoke at the recent RAW Expo which technology/change/trend they believe will have the biggest impact on their profession in the next three years.  

Brett Florens
The ability to shoot in low light has really revolutionised photographic capabilities. I am not sure how much better it can get as it is mind-blowing right now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Nikon mirrorless full-frame body available in the next three years.  I tested the Nikon 1 J5 for Nikon and was really impressed.

Neil Kirby
I’m sensing clients finally starting to appreciate professionalism and core skills again. There is every imaginable bit of clever technology available today, but without the skills to incorporate them they are just expensive gadgets. We need to be able to harness the basics and our ability to see the picture in front of us, then build it with the tools available and skills we’ve developed over the years. 

Craig Kolesky
Lately Wi-Fi functionality has sped up the process for getting images out. I find I’m doing a lot of editing on iPad or iPhone to get images out while on the go. Also, DSLR video capabilities is opening a lot of doors with photographers now also capturing moving images and vice versa. Exciting times.

Emma O’Brien
The increasing availability of affordable and up-to-date camera technology to the general public is going to have quite an impact on the professional photography market. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, it just means that professionals like me have to keep upping their game and offering the highest possible quality of work and customer service to their clients.

Johan Pretorius
There are many trends I can think of at this moment, but the one that will influence every pro photographer in the world will be how you are going to adapt in the changing economic climate. Importantly, how you are going to revise your business plan to make sure you are going to get hired, now that anyone with a camera is a photographer.

Morkel Erasmus
I think the blurring lines between compact cameras, DSLR cameras and medium format cameras, as well as evolving motion capture tech in 4K video cameras, will see us change the way we use our cameras in the next three years. That and the ever-increasing low light capabilities (is there a ceiling to this improvement??).

Seagram Pearce
I believe the world is becoming a smaller place with the internet and the huge emphasis put on social media sharing and photo sharing platforms. Personally I believe this can only be a good thing because as creatives we're constantly exposed to better and more talented people than ourselves. Instead of letting this affect us negatively, it should rather inspire us to become better!

Stephen Segal 
Two things: 1. Pre-loaded Picture Controls. 2. Built-in Wi-Fi.
In this fast paced, social media era, it’s all about getting information and the message out, so by combining the two I am able to get work done in a 1/10th of the time.

Adrian Steirn
The addition of video to our stills cameras means photography alone is no longer enough. We are all now multimedia shooters. It’s dangerous to think in isolation of one medium. If you’re thinking about movement, you should be thinking about stills. If you’re thinking about stills, you should also always be considering sound.

Christine Meintjes
I believe the move towards 'sharing in the moment' (Wi-Fi sharing) will have the biggest impact on my career. I love social media and this just puts a whole different spin on it. Check out my Instagram to follow my 'in the moment’ sharing.

Sean Brand
The economy will have a big impact! If clients don’t start realising the value of good old fashioned professional photographers, we will succumb to the rise of smartphone camera acceptability!

Cathy Heaton 
A very big change within our industry is that with such amazing technology, one no longer needs to technically be a great photographer and therefore many who purchase good cameras are becoming overnight professional photographers and saturating the market. It is up to us to educate the market to tell the difference and be discerning when choosing a photographer. Being a professional photographer is not simply about taking a great image!


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