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For a long time, Nintendo's forthcoming console was dubbed the NX. Today, however it was christened the Nintendo Switch, and for good reason. Confirming what some speculated, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, capable of working in free standing mode with normal controller or Wii U-esque gamepad called the Joy-Con, but also be taken on the go, akin to Nintendo's handheld gaming offerings.

To showcase the Switch, Nintendo debuted a preview video, showcasing the console hybrid in four distinct modes.

The first sees the main console dock sit connected next to one's TV, with the Joy-Con controller being used as the primary controller. This can also be used independently as it has a screen in the centre to port the gameplay from console to handheld modes.

Another extension of the Joy-Con controller allows one to remove the two button pads either side of the screen. There's a kickstand to have the screen displaying upright, then use the two controllers separately in each hand. The final mode sees the entire Switch slip into the middle of the console dock and a conventional controller takes over from there.          

The Nintendo Switch will go on sale in select regions in March next year according to its Japanese manufacturer. For now, the finer details have not been disclosed, along with what kind of gaming content will be available, specifications and what price it will retail for. That information will likely be forthcoming over the next couple weeks.

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