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Mobile games certainly stepped it up in recent years, with 2014's Monument Valley being one of the frontrunners. Not only is the puzzle explorer from developers ustwo interesting to play, it's accompanying visuals and soundtrack make it all the better. It is the latter that has our attention today, as iam8bit has released a vinyl LP package for the game, which should prove quite enticing for any fan of Monument Valley.

The LP is now up for pre-order for $40 on iam8bit's site, and includes a fair bit of swag apart from the vinyl. In fact, for the $40 asking price, you'll get 2 full LP's which features music from Stafford Bawler, OBFUSC and GRIGORI. Added to this is exclusive artwork from the developers, as well as a digital soundtrack.

There will be a slight wait for those that pre-order, with iam8bit stating that delivery can be expected in Q2 2016, leaving a three-month window for you to twiddle your thumbs. Nevertheless, for any fans of the mobile game, it is a worthwhile purchase.

Hit play on the trailer below to reacquaint yourself with Monument Valley.

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