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When the first teaser trailer for Venom got revealed a couple of months ago, it was a little bit meh, not offering much in the form of storyline or giving us a subtle glimpse at the symbiote anti-hero.

In a reaction to that, Sony Pictures hasn't held back for the first full trailer for Venom, serving up what the storyline will be, as well as our first look at Venom decked out in his signature black and wicked tongue.

As such, taking a play out of DC's Dawn of Justice book, Sony has been rather quick to showcase the one element of the film that fans would have waited hours in line to see. Whether or not any other big reveals are set to happen, remains to be seen, with murmurings of Carnage also appearing in the movie.

As for the storyline, Tom Hardy (The Revenant) will be playing Eddie Brock, who is an investigative reporter who stumbles upon a symbiote program that is experimenting on humans. While visiting the lab where the testing is taking place, Brock comes into contact with the alien symbiote and all hell breaks loose.  

Hopefully then, we have not seen the best parts of Venom in this trailer already, and something more is on the way. Venom is slated to hit US cinemas on 5 October.


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