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If you feel like taking a little bit of a meta trip this weekend, then Bethesda Softworks along with MachineGames have you covered. Ahead of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, the companies have partnered up to produce a series of videos that would be flighted on TV in the game’s alternative America, where Nazis won World War II.

Smaller snippets of the videos appear in-game, but the full versions are being made available for viewing on YouTube over the next few months, showing what pop culture may look like under Nazi rule.

The first of these is Liesel, the story of a Panzerhund and her human companion Peggy as they face adventures in a small farming community in the American Territories being rebuilt after “years of oppression by capitalist parasites.” Don’t get any Little House on the Prairie vibes – Liesel is hardly what you would call a lapdog, unless you like your legs, face and torso well done. Take a look for yourself below.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

“The Nazis want to make their rule palatable to the American mindset, so they slowly dial up the oppression until it’s too late for any resistance to form,” explained MachineGames creative director Jens Matthies. “There are many, many steps to this. America is already formally a part of Germany, but they want to culturally make it a part of Germany too. They will switch the language to German and subvert all of the American symbols. All of these things are done to demonise the free America and glorify the Nazi ideology and German culture.”

It is certainly an interesting – if disturbing – way to suck people into Wolfenstein’s world ahead of its release on 27 October, 2017, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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