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The relationship between a gamer and his console can often take as much time and effort as real-world ones do. Our analogy may be reaching a little, but considering the amount of time and money we spend each month on next-gen console games, bug-fixing updates and hours spent passing difficult levels, certain comparisons can definitely be found. With Valentine's Day a little over a week away, Microsoft has some gaming love for its Xbox One users to download and enjoy, while other people are wining and dining come February 14th.

Microsoft took to its Xbox gaming blog via Major Nelson to detail what users can look forward to. Ready to roll out today, the first update for 2015 will bring enhancements throughout the user experience and interface.

First up is the controller, with some refinements of the controller stability and speed, which should be of some benefit while frantically button mashing and taking down enemy soldiers. Controllers are also said to connect in roughly half the time they did before, as well as ensuring the connection is more stable.

Game Hubs too are improved, with each game in your library receiving its own game hub. In them, gamers will be able to connect with others in their community, as well as view game leaderboards and the top user created clips. Accessing Game Hubs will bringing more DLC content to the fore, with gaming clips, trailers and behind the scenes developers’ diaries will also be added. Party Chats have been given several enhancements, key among them being more detailed game and chat invites, so users can see more quickly exactly who is inviting them.     

The final aspect of this update is TV. Microsoft says the Xbox One TV experience is newly improved (for select countries of course). One example is the new trending feature, allowing Xbox One users to see which TV shows are most popular. The Xbox One has also been tailored to work with more TV set-top boxes, addressing a concern that Xbox One users had when it initially launched.

For a full rundown of the new update, head to Xbox One's official blog.


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