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At E3 this year, Microsoft made a big splash in terms of the Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature, stating that gamers could play some Xbox 360 titles on the company's next-gen console. While the full extent of the Xbox 360 gaming library is still under works to get full backwards compatibility, it has raised one question - what about the first Xbox's games?

The person doing the probing here was South African tech journalist Hadlee Simons, who asked Xbox head Phil Spencer via Twitter, "@XboxP3 very silly question, but if X1 essentially has 360 emulator, how much work would go into making original Xbox titles BC?" Spencer replied, "@HadleeSimons I don't think it's silly. I ask the BC team this question a lot. Need to finish 360 BC for now."

Understandably, this has gotten the rumour mill churning at quite a pace, with IGN Africa also reporting on the Twitter conversation. While Spencer's attention is fully focused on sorting out the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility aspects for the service's fully fledged release in November this year, the possibility of it extending to original Xbox titles as well is not out of the question.

Hopefully then, Spencer and Xbox will be able to give greater clarity in this area in coming months, giving all those first Xbox game hoarders a bit more purpose in life.      


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