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It has been just over one year since YouTube unveiled support for 360-degree videos on its platform. After reports suggested that YouTube was in talks with companies to add live streaming support, the company has now confirmed this via their blog.

While live streaming 360-degree video serves as a natural evolution for YouTube's platform, The Verge believes that it is merely a stepping stone for more immersive virtual reality content in the future. For now though, YouTube is going to great lengths to make its live streamed videos more immersive. One of the ways it's doing this is with spatial audio, which adds the depth, distance and intensity of an in-person experience. As such, this feature will likely play a large role in users live streaming from concerts, performances or sporting events.

YouTube aims to make spatial audio free to use in the near future, but for now, YouTube spaces across the globe will reportedly have all the 360-degree live stream tools and technologies setup for interested users to try out.

The amount of 360-degree video content currently pales in comparison to its straightforward brethren on YouTube, the number of videos being uploaded, however, is certainly increasing day by the day. It should prove interesting to see how YouTubers embrace the technology to tell better stories than they already do, and whether YouTube viewers have a true hankering for the content.


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