How the blockchain can restore trust in the ad supply chain

By Opinion 12 April 2018

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” FULL STORY >


Multivariate testing for your customer journey

By Opinion 16 February 2018

Measurement and testing is rapidly becoming a standard requirement; however it is meaningless if we don’t understand how to apply the results and all we end up with is raw data without any meaningful application of it, says Jason Steele, Web... FULL STORY >


Marketing in the digital world is not digital marketing

By Press Release 16 February 2018

Programmatic Media Buying has made massive inroads and is now the dominant form of monetisation for publishers, according to Acceleration. FULL STORY >


Richard Mullins to lead Acceleration across Europe, Middle East and Africa

By Press Release 7 December 2017

Richard Mullins, has been promoted to MD for Europe, Middle East and Africa, where previously Richard has the MD of the MEA region. “This will enable us to deliver a more holistic solution to our clients, especially... FULL STORY >


R300 000 HiiL Justice Accelerator Southern Africa semi-finalists announced

By Press Release 5 September 2017

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) is delighted to announce the seven Southern Africa semi-finalists for its annual HiiL Justice Accelerator (HJA). FULL STORY >


Digital transformation must be driven from the top to ensure success

By Press Release 8 August 2017

Richard Mullins, Managing Director for MEA at Acceleration, explains how important it is for any business to be supported and directed from the top down. FULL STORY >


Customer engagement must stretch beyond the sale

By Press Release 31 July 2017

Richard Mullins, MD of Acceleration, shares his knowledge of how to extend that relationship beyond the sale. FULL STORY >


Building the right foundation for exceptional customer experiences

By Press Release 29 June 2017

Richard Mullins, MD of MEA at Acceleration goes into unpacks how important building a solid foundation is, when trying to create an exceptional customer experience. FULL STORY >


Accelerating customer loyalty

By Press Release 22 June 2017

INOVO CEO, Wynand Smit, explains why speedy resolutions of customer complaints can help ensure their retention of service. FULL STORY >


Unlocking big data’s benefits with data visualisation

By Press Release 21 June 2017

Richard Mullins, MD of MEA at Acceleration, delves into how these visualisations can be viewed in real-time and manipulated according to the user’s needs, and can filter down from the decision maker to the worker bee. FULL STORY >


Beacons in Retail

By Press Release 13 June 2017

Colleen Rose, consulting director at Acceleration, addresses the fact that Retailers could use beacons to deliver highly relevant content to customers at specific locations in or around their stores, that can be connected with online behavioural tracking data to more deeply... FULL STORY >


Buying into ‘programmatic buying’ can be a great idea

By Press Release 23 May 2017

Dr. Thomas Oosthuizen of Acceleration UK offers 10 tips that marketers should heed when it comes to programmatic buying. FULL STORY >


The impact of technology upon business - Part 2

By Press Release 7 March 2017

In Part 1 we looked at two of the key impacts of fast technology change, and I ended by suggesting that best practice no longer works. Here's why... FULL STORY >


The impact of technology upon business – Part 1

By Press Release 20 February 2017

Companies are faced with contradictions on a daily basis – consumers wanting to receive that amazing offer, but not willing to hand over personal information. We like to use Google Maps, but get uncomfortable about Google knowing exactly where... FULL STORY >


Unified, data-driven CRM

By Press Release 31 October 2016

Jason Baldwin, consulting director at Acceleration, shares his insight on the benefits of unifying data in order to improve the customer experience. FULL STORY >

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