Ackermans opens first stand-alone cellular store - Ackermans Connect

By Press Release 10 December 2019

Leading South African retailer, Ackermans, has launched its first standalone cellular stores, branded Ackermans Connect, with two branches in the Gauteng region. FULL STORY >


The next frontier: Price Comparison Engine Optimisation

By Press Release 20 November 2017

Since the internet was born, retailers were gifted with a new way to connect with consumers. The ability to engage online through websites and social media, meant retailers could now communicate exclusive deals and therefore drive feet... FULL STORY >


Selling your phone? Check the price with Gumtree first

By Thoriso Kolobe 11 May 2015

Gumtree has created a phone price checker that organises all the data from the site to demonstrate how much second-hand cellphones are being sold for. FULL STORY >


2012 is when the Windows Phone 7 world begins

By Ryan Noik 18 October 2011

2012 is the year that Windows Phone 7 is going to rock the boat, especially in South Africa, says the chief commercialisation officer at Virtual Mobile Technologies. FULL STORY >


Vodafone 555 Blue

By Ryan Noik 28 September 2011

The Vodafone 555 Blue is focused on making Facebook part and parcel of your mobile life. FULL STORY >


Vodacom launches Vodafone 555 Blue phone

By Ryan Noik 23 August 2011

Vodacom has launched the Vodafone 555 Blue phone, the official Facebook sponsored phone, to the South African market. FULL STORY >


Facebook updates via jail

By Staff Writer 11 February 2010

UK criminals are using Facebook via cellphone to intimidate and taunt victims. FULL STORY >


Touch times 50 million

By Staff Writer 3 December 2009

As an indication of the popularity of touchscreen devices, Samsung has just announced the sale of it 50 millionth full touchscreen cellphone. FULL STORY >

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