Samsung Unpacks its latest Galaxy S21, S21 Plus

By Ryan Noik 15 January 2021

Last night, to absolutely no-one’s surprise, Samsung debuted its latest – and according to the company, greatest – entries in its Galaxy line. FULL STORY >


PC, tablet and mobile phone shipments to rise 2.1% this year

By Staff Writer 31 January 2018

If you’re in retail the following info from industry analysts Gartner might be of interest. FULL STORY >


Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro satellite phone launched in South Africa

By Ryan Noik 14 September 2011

The world's first Bluetooth enabled, global, handheld satellite phone has been launched in South Africa. FULL STORY >


Samsung emphasises advantages of dual-SIM handsets

By Ryan Noik 16 August 2011

Samsung has played up the advantages of dual-SIM handsets, placing the technology well within the reach of cellphone users. FULL STORY >


First SMS-sending Android Trojan

By Johan Keyter 11 August 2010

A Trojan virus attacking Android mobile devices has been identified. FULL STORY >


The top 5 best selling mobile phones of all time

By Johan Keyter 15 July 2010

Today the buzz is all about iPhone's and droids, but we take a look at the most successful phones to date, and the findings might surprise you. FULL STORY >


Drivers admit to using mobile phones behind the wheel

By Tom Manners 22 June 2010

One quarter of adults admit to typing on their mobile phones while driving FULL STORY >

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