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According to Samsung, the adoption of dual-SIM mobile phones is on the rise and expected to increase from between 9% and 10% in 2010 to more than 15% in 2011. The company explained that dual-SIM, which enables users to access two different SIM cards with one mobile device, offers several advantages.

Foremost amongst these if the ability to benefit from different calling plans while also keeping one’s business and personal communications separate from one another, without having to carry multiple devices. Additionally, using a dual-SIM handset enables travelers to use any temporary number in the extra SIM slot when roaming, without having to potentially incur high costs on their permanent number. Users can similarly rely on a backup network for when one network does not offer coverage in their area.

George Ferreira, the chief operating officer for Samsung Electronics Africa, elaborated that the dual-SIM feature is especially convenient for those who wish to separate business and personal calls using two separate phone numbers, as well as those who travel frequently and want a local number for each location. Ferreira pointed out that users could switch between SIM cards easily and without needing to reboot the mobile device, while switching-SIM-card commands are carried out with a single tap of their finger.
“Mobile technology has made it possible for consumers to take advantage of the convenience of a dual SIM phone,” he concluded.  
In recent news, the Samsung Ch@t app showed significant growth, reaching more than 150 000 users.

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