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Adobe’s latest announcement will no doubt make many a Photoshop and Illustrator user on the MacBoook Pro with Retina display very happy, as the company announced new updates for Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6.
The updates enable the workhorse graphic programs to now take full advantage of Apple’s luscious display in the MacBook Pro’s native resolution.
Previously, the Retina display actually made non-optimised visual assets look comparatively ugly in the programs, as the higher resolution screen exposed some of the graphic weaknesses of items like icons and menus.
Just in time
Adobe’s announcement comes after Apple unveiled its 13” MacBook Pro with Retina display two months ago, which follows on from the company’s refresh of its MacBook Pro line earlier this year.
Indeed, the update itself may not come as a shock – Adobe had confirmed that it was planning to cater to the Retina display in the middle of the year – but what has come as a welcome surprise is that the update was not pushed to 2013 as it seemed fated.
According to Mashable, the update was a tall order, requiring the replacement of more than 2 500 icons and cursors within the graphic programs, as the higher resolution of the screen necessitated all bitmapped application elements had to be redrawn and recompiled.
To the point
Nonetheless, no doubt the freely available update is like an early festive season gift for graphic designers and photographers who rely on the MacBook Pro and Illustrator and Photoshop CS6 for their day-in and day-out work.

It also just may compel heavy users of those two programs who were sitting on the fence about upgrading to the 15” or 13” Retina display MacBooks (which earned a top nod in our Top 5 Notebooks of 2012) to take another look at their decision.   


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