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Competition between Amazon, Apple and Google is certainly heating up. Hot on the heels of the recently released Google Nexus and rumours of an impending Kindle Fire 2, Amazon is apparently developing its own smartphone to compete against iOS and Android devices.
According to Bloomberg, which cited unnamed sources close to the matter, Chinese manufacturer Foxconn is apparently working with Amazon on the device.
Ecosystem essentials
The report did not provide any details of what this Amazon device might look like, or what features it would boast to distinguish itself from the competition.
However, it did indicate that Amazon is aiming to “complement its smartphone strategy by acquiring patents that cover wireless technology.”
Amazon’s strength though, has long been its far reaching ecosystem of ebooks, music and movies, which already competes with the Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes store, and upon which a significant amount of the Kindle’s appeal has been built. Any smartphone coming out of Amazon would more than likely capitalise on this ecosystem.
Four fires are better than one
Additionally, according to CNET, Richard Shim, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch has asserted that in response to the recent release of the Google Nexus tablet, Amazon will release not one but four new Kindle Fire 2 models in the months ahead.
These would include three 7" versions, with displays that vary from offering resolutions of 1024 x 600 and 1280 x 800. An entry level Kindle Fire 2 would likely have a 1024 x 600 resolution without a camera; a mid-level device could sport a 1280 x 800 resolution and a camera, while the high end of the range may well offer the 1280 x 800 resolution screen, camera and 4G connectivity.
Furthermore, yet another Kindle Fire 2, planned for later this year, is rumoured, measuring 8.9" and boasting a display resolution of 1920 x 1200. Coincidentally, we’re sure, this is expected to show up just in time for the holiday season.     
To the point
The likelihood of Amazon releasing several Kindle Fire 2 models makes a lot of sense, particularly if the persistent Apple rumours of an incoming 7.8" iPad are to be believed.
Curiously, over the past week, these rumours have only been increasing and becoming more insistent from a range of reputable corners.Therefore, Amazon may well be planning to tempt users away from the Nexus tablet or an iPad mini with a range, rather than a single product.     
It’s also worth noting that Amazon followed this same approach with its previous Kindles launched almost a year ago, releasing a range of devices at various price points. If this precedence is followed, then we suspect Amazon would drive the device’s price down as low as possible to make all its new devices more financially attractive to users as well.

Of one thing we are certain: competition amongst Apple, Google and Amazon is only going to heat up, and users’ wallets are the kindling upon which it will glow brighter and continue to burn.   


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