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Around this time last year, anticipation reached fever pitch as Apple was largely expected to unveil its iPhone 5. Instead, it was the (then new) iPhone 4S which made an appearance, and when the clamour of disappointment subsided, it was found to have garnered one million orders in a single day.   
Now, Apple has thrown kindling on that fire once again, with the release of an invitation to a press event happening next week on the 12th.
The invite, which shows the number 12 with a shadow of the number 5, is roundly expected to hint at either the unveiling of the iPhone 5, or of no fewer than five new products coming out of Cupertino in the month ahead.
iPhone 5 – or five new iDevices
According to the International Business Times though, Apple fans may well see announcements of the aforementioned iPhone 5, a new iPod nano, a 13" Retina MacBook Pro, new iMacs and the possible reveal of a no less hyped iPad Mini.
The latter is roundly expected to be a 7.7" iPad, that is approximately two-thirds the size of the existing iPad, which could well compete against the Google Nexus and steal the impending Kindle Fire 2’s thunder.
Earlier this week, mockup photos emerged of what the device may well look like on The images there allege that the iPad Mini may have a very thin bezel (which we imagine would lend itself more to one-handed use than the current iPad).
Adding a little more credence to the possibility of a smaller iPad, the creator of Instapaper, Marco Arment, recently noted that he had found  “curious entries in Instapaper’s device stats,” one which indicated an iPad 2.5 and another for an iPad 2.6.
The International Business Times points out that if an iPad Mini is announced, Apple might just plan to ship it on 5th October, to coincide with the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs.  
Contrary reports though, indicate that instead, the iPad Mini would be launched separately from the iPhone 5, at its own event in October.  
To the point
Either way, considering that Apple is coming off the back of its recent, significant win in a major court case with Samsung, we suspect that the Cupertino-based company has no plans of surrendering the lucrative shopping season’s sales to any other company.
With an impending launch of new Kindles expected to be announced by Amazon, Apple’s latest invitation heralds a very interesting – if not heated – couple of months ahead.


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