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Mango today announced that it plans on being the first South African airline to offer in-flight internet connectivity on board all of its aircraft later in the year, subject to a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval processes.
Mango will be using WirelessG’s G-Connect technology to deliver this in-flight service at a low cost of less than R1 for every MB utilised. This satellite based technology is going to bring about high speed internet at altitude. “In fact, the cost of data transfer is more affordable than many bandwidth offerings on the ground,” explains Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout. Mango’s internet service will be moderated to prohibit access to potentially offensive websites. “In order to ensure the comfort of all our Guests on board, content that should be accessed in privacy will not be available.”
To start surfing the net, users must have a G-Connect account, which will carry no sign-up costs nor contract tie-ins. "Your G-Connect account then allows you stay connected through a shared wallet on the ground, or in-flight Wi-Fi in the air, paying only for the services used,” said Carel van der Merwe, CEO of WirelessG.

Mango's application has been welcomed by the CAA, with Subash Devkaran, senior manager of the aircraft certification division of the CAA stating: "We do believe installation of this system would facilitate business efficiency in South Africa, thereby contributing to enhanced economic growth in the country.”


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