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PS3’s blues caused by Blu-ray says Microsoft
Microsoft is of the opinion that the cost of Blu-ray is holding the PS3 sales back. “Sony bet on the physical disc, and there are costs associated with that,” said Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg in an interview with Edge. “The fact that we’re able to offer a console starting at $199 is a benefit of not being burdened with that cost. Being $100 cheaper is part of the reason why we’re nearly twice their installed base [in the US].”
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 blows away the competition
EA is pretty convident that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is set to become the best selling game in the US and Europe for March, having sold over 2.3 million copies thus far. They also stated yesterday that in the 24 hours prior to their comments, gamers have spent about 2.9 million hours playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 online. The demand for online gameplay was so huge that EA had to expand the number of servers to cope with the demand. 
New Cricket game practising in the nets
Codemasters yesterday announced International Cricket 2010, to be released later ithis year on both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 (PS3). There will now be 16 international squads that you can play in any one of 21 stadia from around the globe. New elements to the game include Power Stick that gives you 360° analogue power and direction control when you play as a batsman. A new Action Cam also allows for a closer and more realistic view of the game.   
Kane & Lynch sequel to arrive in Q3
Square Enix on Wednesday announced the release dates of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. The game will come out on 24 August in the US, and 27 August in Europe as well as other PAL regions for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (Games for Windows). “We believe the unique visuals and relentless gameplay has created an intensity never delivered in a videogame before,” explained Niels Jørgensen, general manager of IO Interactive (part of Square Enix Europe). “In a genre where so many games look and feel the same, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will make people double-take. We think it’s going to make quite an impression.”
Xbox 360 might be going on a diet
TechSpot reported on Wednesday that Microsoft might be looking to bring out a slim model of its Xbox 360 console, even posting a picture of the supposed new system's innards. The new model will apparently sport a smaller motherboard and make use of a single GPU/CPU chip, similiar to that found on Intel’s new Core i range. Although we take this news with a grain of salt, it is a little too early for April Fool jokes.


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