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Kaspersky Lab recently launched its Kaspersky ONE Universal Security package, a multi-platform solution that provides protection for a wide range of personal devices, ranging from PCs and Macs through to smartphones and tablets. TechSmart talked to Peter Aleshkin, senior consumer marketing manager at Kaspersky Lab about the need for this product. 
TechSmart (TS): Why is an all-in-one security solution, such as Kaspersky ONE, needed?
Peter Aleshkin (PA): Today, an all-in-one universal security solution is needed in light of the multiple devices that are used by individuals every day to access the internet, where the possibility of being exposed to potential security threats, malware and viruses exists. For the average user, securing multiple devices can quickly result in a technological tangle, having to juggle multiple manufacturers, licenses and functions. Even choosing these packages can be a time-consuming process, and it’s one many users are unwilling to undertake.
However, according to a survey¹, three out of four owners of multiple internet-capable devices would welcome a single universal security package which covers all platforms – smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs – as surely this would be easier and more convenient? 
TS: How much of a threat is malware on your smartphone?
PA: Malware is a large threat for a smartphone user and a concerning factor in light of the personal data stored on such a device. In fact, in August 2010, Kaspersky Lab identified the first Trojan for the Android platform, which masqueraded as a media player app. In less than a year, Android malware quickly exploded and became the most popular mobile malware category out there.
This trend then became obvious in Q3 of 2011, in which Kaspersky Lab discovered over 40% of all the mobile malware detected within that particular time frame. Finally, critical mass was hit in November 2011 when we uncovered over 1000 malicious samples for Android, which is almost as many as all the mobile malware the company has discovered in the past six years. 
Peter Aleshkin, senior consumer marketing manager at Kaspersky Lab 
TS: When will iOS be included in the supported smartphones/ tablet range?
PA: It’s not a secret that iOS is a closed platform. But if it’s not liable to viruses, there are other risks for the users. For instance, children can see the undesirable content in the web. According to this fact Kaspersky Lab released Parental Control (beta) for iOS which is already available.
Also we have plans to present another security solution for iOS this year. 
TS: With the five device included in the Kaspersky ONE solution, will I be able to protect five PCs, or only a mix of products? 
PA: Kaspersky ONE can be installed on any combination of devices. For example the product can be installed on 2 PCs, 2 Macs and 1 smartphone. However, if the user has 5 PCs or laptops, he can setup security solution for PC on all of them with no issues.
TS: How large are the virus definitions for the smartphones? Will it not take up too much data?

PA: The user won’t see any issues with productivity while using the security solution for smartphones in Kaspersky ONE. It uses less than 1% of smartphone’s resources. Another benefit is that the battery’s resources are not consumed by the product.
TS: Say I buy a new smartphone - will I be able to transfer the license from my old phone to my new phone?
PA: Yes. During the license period the protection solution can be reinstalled from one device to another as many times as you like, as long as the number of devices specified by the license is not exceeded (e.g. five devices in total).
TS: Say my smartphone gets stolen. What will I be able to do with Kaspersky’s solution?
PA: Today mobile security products have a host of different features like privacy protection, remote wipe or block if a device is lost or stolen, encryption, cloud security, anti-spam filters, antivirus engine - all of which assist in fully protecting your smartphone device. 
An example is the protection for smartphones which is a part of Kaspersky ONE, designed to provide smartphone users with the very latest in mobile security. 
In addition to excellent security levels, it is made up of unique features that ensure private user data is never compromised. The new Privacy Protection feature enables users to hide information about any contacts they want to keep confidential. A list of confidential contacts can be created from the contact lists on the SIM or the phone’s onboard memory. With the touch of a button, users can mark contacts as ‘private’, meaning that no trace of them will appear in contact lists, call logs, SMSs or incoming calls. Anyone else using the smartphone will be completely unaware of the hidden information.
Kaspersky ONE’s security solution for smartphones enables contacts to be partially hidden, e.g. conceal call log information about conversations with a particular contact, but leave the number visible in the contact list. If necessary, concealed contacts can easily be made visible again by entering a password. Additionally, flexible settings allow incoming calls and messages to be accepted while concealing information about them, or ignored and accepted later when normal mode is enabled.
Privacy Protection mode can also be set for contacts manually using the application’s interface, automatically after a predefined period of inactivity or remotely by sending a special SMS to your own number.
Security solution for smartphones in Kaspersky ONE also includes enhancements to the Anti-Theft feature that a smartphone owner can use to block the device if it is lost or stolen, wipe its memory, locate it via GPS as well as receive notification of the new number if the SIM is changed. After it has been blocked remotely, the smartphone can display a prearranged message allowing any law-abiding citizen to return it to its rightful owner.
The new version now supports the Android and BlackBerry platforms alongside Symbian and Windows Mobile, for even greater flexibility. 
¹Results based on a survey conducted by YouGov market research institute on behalf of Kaspersky Lab. In total, 2478 YouGov panellists from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK (average 400+ respondents per country; aged 18 and over; respondents needed to own a smartphone or tablet as well as a desktop, laptop or Mac computer) took part in online interviews from December 13th to December 15th 2011. The data has not been weighted and is not representative.


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