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In today’s tech-filled world it is not uncommon for one user to own a multiplicity of gadgets such as a gaming PC at home, a work-supplied notebook, and a tablet plus smartphone. Escalating cyber-threats means that it has become crucial for users to have anti-viral and anti-malware software installed on these devices, but this can be a time consuming and expensive exercise, especially in light of the required licences for each device.  

Online security company Kaspersky Lab is looking to change this with the announcement of the worldwide release of Kaspersky-ONE. The latter is the company’s multi-platform universal security solution that brings comprehensive protection for the wide range of personal devices, ranging from PCs and Macs through to smartphones and tablets.

Each device can be secured with one of the applications, optimised for use with the corresponding software platform including:
  • Comprehensive protection for Windows-based PCs.
  • Anti-malware protection for Macs.
  • Protection from cyberthreats and anti-theft technology for smartphones powered by Research In Motion’s Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Android.
Easy installation

According to the security firm, the installation and activation of Kaspersky-ONE for any of these devices is simple, since a single universal activation code will be employed. There is also no need to upgrade subscription for each device-specific applications. Instead users receive a one-stop solution for which application as well as database updates will occur free of charge.
Users may themselves decide, what particular combination of devices will be secured by the product. The package is for five devices and can be used for five smartphones, five Windows-based PCs, four Windows PCs and one Mac, or any combination of five devices.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab noted: “With Kaspersky-ONE Universal Security, all PCs and Macs, mobile phones and Android tablets that you own can be easily protected with one simple solution, which is based on the leading security technology.”

Local retail stores should have stock during March 2012, with the recommended retail price of the product being R765 for the package supporting five devices. This package will provide protection for the duration of one year, with free product updates during this period. If you can’t wait until then, Kaspersky-ONE is already available for purchase via the company’s online store, with the package for five devices going for a discounted rate of R654.21.  

Overview of the product:

Kaspersky-ONE is a one-stop single-license solution, which bring protection to devices with different hardware and software platforms:

Windows-based desktop PCs, notebooks & tablets

The comprehensive security solution provides protection from viruses, Trojans, spam, hackers, and more for Windows-based machines. Cutting-edge, hybrid approach to digital security combines cloud-based technologies with antivirus protection to deliver a faster, more effective response to today’s complex, ever-evolving threats.

Mac computers

The antivirus solution that responds instantly to threats, keeping your Mac healthy and guarding your photos, music, files and identity against cybercriminal activity during work or play. Detects malicious programs for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux-based computers, preventing problems being passed on to friends and colleagues.


Smartphones and their contents have become as valuable to cybercriminals as regular PCs. Kaspersky-ONE provides the same level of protection from malware and viruses for mobile devices as for desktops and notebooks, and also helps to locate or remotely wipe the smartphone that has been lost or stolen.

Android-based tablets
Kaspersky-ONE includes Kaspersky Tablet Security, the most recent solution for mobile devices from Kaspersky Lab. It is designed specifically to protect Android-based tablets against all kinds of mobile malware. The application provides a new interface, customised for tablet devices, as well as essential protection for the personal data of users.


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