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Patent holding company NTP Inc. has announced that it has entered into an agreement with no less than 13 companies, including many of the biggest names in tech such as Apple, HTC, Google-owned Motorola Mobility, Google itself, Microsoft, LG Electronics, Yahoo, and Samsung.    

The company reached this mutual resolution with all the identified parties in an effort to resolve the long-standing patent litigation between NTP and these companies. The financial terms of this agreement have not been disclosed, with NTP stating that it provides broad coverage under the firm’s patent portfolio for all companies concerned.

NTP is a IP (intellectual property) firm founded in 1992 by wireless email inventor Tom Campana, which holds eight distinct US patents that relate to the delivery of electronic mail (email) across wireless systems.

The US-based tech patent firm locked legal horns with BlackBerry holding company RIM (Research In Motion) over the same wireless email patents issues during 2006, with the Canadian smartphone and tablet maker ultimately reaching a settlement with NTP to the expensive tune of $612.5 million. RIM now licenses the NTP patents along with various other firms such as Nokia.

According to CNet, the settlement counsel for NTP, Ron Epstein, stated that NTP is now in talks with a few more companies over these wireless email patents, but he would not elaborate as to which firms.  

In related news, Motorola Mobility is being sued by Japanese photography and imaging firm Fujifilm over alleged patent violations, with the company filing a patent lawsuit against the US-based smartphone and tablet maker with the US District Court for the Northern District of California.


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