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Market research firm Nielsen has revealed that based on an August survey, 43% of all American smartphone owners possess an Android-operating mobile device. However, if you ask the smartphone users who bought a new device in the last three months, as to the kind of phone they chose, more than half (56%) picked an Android-running device.

According to the company, this preference of these so-called “recent acquirers” is important, as it is often a leading indicator of where the smartphone market is moving towards.
Apple’s iOS continues to hold firm in second spot as the number two most used smartphone OS, snapping up 28% of the mobile OS share. Additionally, it acquired 28% of new smartphone buyers.
Nielsen did however note that these figures could change radically in the coming months, as the Cupertino-ased iPod and iPad maker readies itself to launch the latest iPhone

“Every time Apple launches a new iPhone or makes it available on a new wireless carrier, there is an increase in their sales,” Don Kellogg, Nielson’s director of Telecom Research & Insights stated. 
For some though, the future is not looking as bright as for Android. BlackBerry maker RIM’s recently released Q2 fiscal results indicated that the Canadian smartphone and tablet maker’s sales haven’t exactly been stellar. This buying trend was also highlighted in the Nielsen survey, as a mere 9% of these recent acquirers got a BlackBerry OS-running smartphone.

A further 6% of users that purchased a device in the last three months, bought one that is operating on a mobile OS falling within the “other” group. This group features fringe operating systems, the likes of Symbian, Windows Phone OS, webOS and bada.  

Smartphone adoption rate also up

In terms of mobile phone usage, the adoption rate of smartphones is also growing. While 43% of all mobile phone subscribers in the US employed a smartphone, 56% of those who got a new mobile in the last three months decided to buy a smartphone as opposed to a normal mobile phone.
Nielsen also noted that the forthcoming holiday season as well as the launch of new devices including the next iPhone, could see the smartphone adoption rate climb even higher.


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