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The latest sales figures are rapidly setting to rest doubts about whether general users would go for large-screen smartphones, such as the 5.5" Galaxy Note 2.
According to Samsung, the company has sold 5 million units (and climbing) of its newest phablet worldwide in little more than a month.
Additionally, it appears the next iteration of this creativity-orientated device is more popular than the original Note, as the slightly larger device is selling at more than three times the speed of its predecessor, according to Engadget.  
Large, but comfortable
While the Galaxy Note 2 is admittedly not yet quite as popular as Samsung’s other hit, the S3 (review), it apparently has garnered its fair share of fans (ourselves included).
Part of the reason for this is that while the Note 2 is admittedly large, in use it actually feels like a bigger S3. This is due to the fact that it is exceedingly comfortable to hold one-handed, as Samsung saw fit to make the Note 2 slightly narrower and taller than the Note 1. Additionally, the larger screen is a boon, particularly for watching movies and browsing the internet.
Even so, Apple is clearly watching the Galaxy Note 2 carefully, as the company recently added Samsung’s newest phablet to the ongoing, dreary lawsuit between the rivals.
To the point
However, the sales figures clearly show that for plenty of users, the appeal for smartphones that top the 4.7" screen barrier is there, and perhaps even exceeds that of slightly smaller devices. Indeed, in our top 5 smartphones of the year, we weren’t entirely surprised to concur that the Galaxy Note 2 came out tops, with its screen, performance, note-taking capabilities and ergonomics earning it accolades.     

With LTE finally becoming available locally, we suspect that larger screen phablet devices, that offer both a degree of portability, fast connectivity speeds and large screens will enjoy greater appeal, and perhaps even trump larger tablets for some users. 


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