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The latest developments in the heated Apple vs. Samsung legal saga sees the Korean tech giant respond to Apple's most recent filing against it in the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea.

Samsung has now also asked the International Trade Commission (ITC) to take part in its ongoing patent battle with Apple, filing a compliant with the commission earlier this week.

According to PCMag, the compliant asked ITC Secretary James Holbein to conduct an investigation against Apple on the grounds of, “certain mobile electronic devices, including wireless communication devices, portable music and data processing devices, and tablet computers.”

The legal wrangling between the two companies have continued for some time now, initially starting back in April when Apple launched litigation against Samsung for alleged patent and copyright violations.

Apple's complaints state that Samsung had copied the look and feel of its iPhone and iPad devices with the company's Galaxy line-up of smartphones and tablets. Samsung then hit back, launching a counter suit in which it claimed ten alleged patent infringements by Apple.

The most recent ITC complaint also seems to focus on the patents, with Samsung now seeking to block US imports of the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

“Each of the asserted patents is important to Samsung's success in the highly competitive industry of mobile electronic devices by providing Samsung with features that are highly desirable to consumers,” the company wrote.

The infringements in the filings include: HSPA telecommunications technology for transmission optimisation and reduction of power usage during data transmission; WCDMA telecommunications technology for reducing date transmission errors; and technology for tethering a mobile phone to a PC to enable the PC to utilise the phone's wireless data connection

The legal clash of the titans between the two companies have continued for some time now, and while it remains to be seen how the ITC will respond to Samsung's request, it seems unlikely that US Apple imports could be completely halted. Time will tell though.


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