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After annexing more than one third of the global desktop browser market during August, Google’s Chrome web browser has now managed to build upon its lead over Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) as well as Mozilla’s Firefox.

According to the latest figures from StatCounter (September 2012), Chrome managed to grow its stake of the worldwide desktop browser market from 33.81% during July to 34.21% for September 2012.

Right on the heels of Chrome is IE and its 32.7% share of the browser market, which is virtually stagnant when compared to July’s 32.04% stake. Firefox completes the top 3 by claiming a 22.4% share of the browser market, which is a slight drop from July’s 23.73%.
On the fringes is Apple’s Safari browser with 7.7% of web surfers opting for this browser, which is an increase from July’s 7.12%. Opera Software’s Opera browser claims a 1.61% stake of the global browser market.  

Sketching a scene of the local browsing picture

The browser usage figures for South Africa do not match that of the international web surfing scene, with IE dominating the local browsing market claiming 47.03% of users.

Chrome is a distant second with a 22.41% stake, whilst Firefox has a 19.32% share. Safari is used by 8.26% of local web surfers whilst the Opera browser is employed by just 1.09% of users.

In other browser related news, Opera Software is currently aiming to boost the adoption rate of Opera Mini especially amongst Android users via the release of the latest Opera Mini software update. Version 7.5 makes Opera Software’s Smart Page functionality available to Android-running smartphones and tablets.


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