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Prototype Windows 8 hardware on show

PC users got a first glimpse at the user interface of the next version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS), internally code-named “Windows 8,” this week. Then, some of Microsoft’s hardware partners, including Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, announced their silicone chipsets which also supports Windows 8.

According to Engadget, some of the Redmond-based company’s partners such as Foxconn, Wistron and Quanta, also unveiled early hardware for the new Windows 8 OS. These make use of chipsets from Qualcomm, Texas Instruments as well as Nvidia’s forthcoming quad-core Kal-El processor. The companies showed off tablet PCs and a super-slim notebook PC prototype. This showcase was done for demonstration purposes only though, with none of the machines coming to market.

Image: Engadget

Kingston unveils its Wi-Drive

Memory solutions provider Kingston Digital has announced its Wi-Drive, with which the company is targeting Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. Wi-Drive is a wireless, portable storage solution (16 GB or 32 GB), enabling users to expand the number of documents, photos, music and movies that they can access from Apple devices.

The pocket-sized Wi-Drive utilises flash-based technology to store data from USB-compatible PCs. Users of Apple iOS devices can then access these via the Wi-Drive’s built-in wireless connectivity options (Wi-Fi 802.11n), without requiring cables or an internet connection. The company stated that up to three users can access different file types at the same time from a single Wi-Drive without any performance disruption. It will be available for purchase in the US later this month. No local release info is available yet.
Acer goes the MeeGo route with one of its Iconia tablets

Acer this week unveiled its new MeeGo-powered Iconia M500 tablet PC during the 2011 COMPUTEX expo in Taiwan. According to All About MeeGo, this tablet boasts a 10” (1280 x 800) display and runs on an Intel Atom processor (Moorestown platform). It is making use of Acer’s custom user interface (UI), which runs atop of MeeGo v1.2. Acer will be releasing the M500 before the end of this year, with no further details being disclosed surrounding pricing and regions that it’s destined for.

Hardware details:

Intel Atom Processor @ 1.5 GHz - Moorestown platform
Intel GMA 600 onboard graphics
10.1” screen (1280 x 800)
802.11 n Wi-Fi
5 MP rear facing camera, VGA front facing camera

Enhanced search functionality for Twitter

The popular micro-blogging site Twitter launched its “Follow” button this week, giving Twitter users easy and direct access to the official Twitter pages of their favourite celebs, tech gadgets and the like. This wasn’t the only new service that the social networking site launched though, as it also started its roll-out of a new version of Twitter search.

This new search feature will not only provide users with more relevant tweets when you search for something or click on a trending topic, but it will also show you related photos and videos, right on the results page. There’s a video of the new search feature in action posted below.

Google rolls out +1 button

Twitter isn’t the only company that launched a button this week though, as Google unveiled its +1 button (introductory video posted below). Just like Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, the search giant’s +1 button enables users to recommend content to their friends and contacts. If you +1 a page, your contacts will see X +1’d this article or recipe etc. on the page and the link will show up under the +1’s section on your Google Profile page.

The company unveiled the +1 button together with its partners, some of whose sites have already adopted it. Included in the line-up of partners are Mashable, Rotten Tomatoes, Reuters, Bloomberg and The Washington Post. With regard to its own properties, Google stated that the button will be adopted on the likes of the Android Market and YouTube.


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