By Hanleigh Daniels 9 April 2010


In today’s world we carry a myriad of multimedia devices that are capable of playing music, movies or latching onto radio waves from our favourite station while on the go. On occasion though, we’d love to enjoy ‘our life’s soundtrack’ via speakers rather than through a pair of earphones. This is where the Divoom iTour-20 comes in; a portable speaker that can be connected to your phone, MP3 player, PSP or PSP Go, iPod, notebook or portable CD player via a standard 3.5 mm jack.  
Measuring a mere 50 x 50 x 35 mm, this capsule speaker slides effortlessly into your pocket, but despite its small appearance the sound quality you get from the pocket-friendly speaker is surprisingly good. Although you can use it in its tiny, compact form, the sound is enhanced when you twist the speaker to release the accordion-like ‘resonator’, which offers slightly better sound quality and base. The power output of this 2nd generation iTour-20 is up 0.4W from its iTour-10 predecessor to 2.8W, which is 0.8W more than the benchmark for a portable speaker of this type, the shoX maxi. The shape of the speaker also allows for 360° sound distribution.   
You can plug the speaker right into your music device using its 3.5 mm connector or you can use any of the three supplied adaptors to connect the speaker to your mobile phone. The three phone audio adapters are for Sony Ericsson-, Samsung- and Nokia phones. The speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery that you charge for approximately four hours using the provided USB cable, allowing for a playback time of up to six hours. There is a volume switch on the side of the speaker, which also turns it on and off.   
You can get it from Esquire at 012-657-8500 for a recommended retail price of R90, which is over R200 less than the shoX maxi and over R100 less than the less powerful shoX mini. There is a noticeable difference in build quality between the two devices though, with the shoX offering a superior feel.

Very affordable.
Build quality isn't the best in its class.

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