By Andrew Gould 22 June 2009


NAS or “Network Attached Storage” may sound alien to most, but the idea is pretty simple and very clever. You can think of a NAS server as a hard drive that connects to a network so you can share files with anyone on that network. Of course there’s more to this simple concept than meets the eye.

Take the NS-2502 NAS server for instance. We were impressed by the combination of simple setup and depth in functionality. The NS-2502 has two bays that each accommodates a 3.5\" SATA hard drive up to 1TB in capacity (giving you an effective 2TB server). The EDIMAX is very simple to install and requires no mounting screws or tools. You simply slot in a hard drive and connect the NS-2502 to your network via gigabit Ethernet.

Along with ease of use and installation, the NS-2502 comes with password protected security and a host of different networking protocols (HTTP, FTP and BitTorrent). We also like the “Copy” button that allows you to copy the entire contents from any USB external hard drive to the NS-2502.

The Edimax NS2502 costs R1913. Contact Miro for more info on 086-123-MIRO.

Easy to install, quick to set up and easy to maintain.
Limited to a maximum of 2TB of storage.

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