By Mike Joubert 8 December 2011


Is it a smartphone or a tablet? The hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note tends to evoke this and a number of questions when placed on the table. We answer ten of the Note's most Frequently Asked Questions.
Very lovely screen, powerful performance, excellent camera and video, less obtrusive than we thought
Definitely expensive, typing a pain, more than a smartphone but not quite a 10
We won't mind the Samsung Galaxy Note replacing our smartphone or even a 7" tablet, but we would still buy a separate 10" tablet rather than only have the Note. That said, the very expensive asking price of this hybrid device should solve the buy or not d

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A beach, working on my suntan and relaxing (3 votes)
Working through my gaming backlog (1 votes)
Having a staycation and catching up with all the things that need to be done in my house or apartment (1 votes)
Travelling internationally (4 votes)
Spending time with friends and family (2 votes)
Holiday? What's that? I'm working throughout (4 votes)
Getting reacquainted with my bed, sleeping late and binging Netflix (2 votes)