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Huawei has slowly been moving up the ranks as far as Android device manufacturers go, with the recently launched P8 smartphone clear evidence of that. Now the Chinese manufacturer is reportedly working in collaboration with Google on a new Nexus smartphone for 2015. According to The Information (paid-subscription site), Huawei is currently in line to produce a Nexus device, which will see the light of day in Q3 of this year.

Adding credence to the report is IBT, which noted that a Huawei Nexus device was in the works after speaking to an unnamed employee at the Chinese manufacturer's UK branch. Added to this, Android Police stated that two new Nexus devices were to be expected in 2015, more specifically a 5.7" offering from Huawei, and a smaller 5.2" option from LG.

Along with the collaboration on a mobile device, The Information claims that the relationship between Huawei and Google has a larger endgame, with Huawei set to help Google bring a mobile app store to China, which has been highly stringent in terms of regulations on foreign organisations. As far as how Google can help Huawei, it is reported that the San Francisco-based company will assist in marketing some of Huawei's other devices, like the Huawei Watch


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