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It seems as though the Android platform is well on track to cut a slice of its own piece of the console pie, with the latest news that Amazon apparently has designs of its own on the console market.

According to Games Informer, the online giant has plans in the works to launch its own Android-based console.

However, it appears as though Amazon won’t be pitching against the likes of Microsoft’s Xbox One or Sony’s PS4, but rather will be playing in the same field as, and in direct opposition to, the recently released Ouya.

Specifications are sparse, to say the least, at this time, but reports do indicate that the console would apparently have its own controller and will rely on the already healthy catalogue of games that already exist on the Android platform.

Promising platforms

While no one would deny that gaming on the platform is faring well at least on mobile devices, there is a larger question mark hanging over whether Android-based gaming can either make the jump from smartphones and tablets to the living room.

At present, the other bastion of the effort, the Ouya, which garnered enthusiastic support on Kickstarter, has apparently been met by a more muted response. Moreover, those who did pay for the budget-friendly device apparently are tending to rely on free games, rather than ponying up for paid titles that are available. This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Android gaming on the big screen at present.

As we have learned only too well from the PS Vita, for example, a new console’s long term success rests on the development of apps, or on this case games, and developers will only invest the time and energy if there is an audience to be had and profit to be made.  

To the point

That being said though, as the Ouya only launched Stateside last month, there is still plenty of time for it to pick up more interest and a steady fanbase.

Amazon’s purported entry into the arena is certainly a positive sign for the Android-based gaming in general. The company is certainly no lightweight, and it will be interesting to see whether, and how, it gives Android development and a home entertainment gaming experience a shot in the arm. This wouldn’t be the first lateral move Amazon has made of late, with its founder Jeff Bezos, snapping up  The Washington Post for a cool $250 million.

In recent news, Nvidia launched its portable, 5” Android-based gaming console, the Nvidia Shield, which has been largely billed as a success.


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