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TwitchCon took place this past weekend in Long Beach, California, with all manner or content creator, live streamer and game developer in attendance to talk about their respective projects and experiences on the platform. One of those was Bungie, which held a panel discussion of sorts about the seasonal changes that Destiny 2 will have in store for gamers in coming months.

The discussion touched on what seasons will entail in-game, as well as what changes Bungie will be introducing from one to the next, along with how Destiny 2 player characters will evolve as a result.

While we cannot transcribe the entire live stream, here are the most important points.

Firstly, seasons is being introduced so that gamers have a more consistent experience in terms of new content arriving for the game. This might not always take place in the form of an event, like Iron Banner, which Bungie now refers to as Rituals, but could also include more simple things like cosmetic in-game items, as well as Bright Engrams.

The next season for Destiny 2 will see the return of The Dawning, a holiday-themed event from the original title. The Dawning will bring a few changes to The Tower and The Farm, as well as allow gamers to play minigames like Ice Hockey and Snowball fights. Bright Engram rewards will also be changing in the next season, with the ones currently available such as emotes and Ghost skins being swapped out for new iterations.   

All these seasonal changes should prove welcome when they do arrive, the only thing missing, however, is when season two will be taking effect in Destiny 2.


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