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Dying Light (review) is one game that, like its denizens, simply refuses to go quietly into the night, and seems hellbent on continuously offering yet more gameplay.

Considering how strong the original game is, that’s great news of course. Now, the newest expansion for the game, The Following, has been detailed and brings a new trailer to tempt biting large chunks out of your leisure time in the foreseeable future.

In The Following, players will be able to journey to an outback-type area, and will have to contend with and infiltrate a cult which apparently harbours some rather strange ideas about the zombie outbreak. In order to successfully infiltrate the group, players will need to embark on side missions so as to earn their trust (expect lots of running, parkouring and killing to be involved; high pitched screaming is entirely optional).

The good news is that there will be a few more new toys to play with, including an upgradeable dune buggy and a crossbow, as well as shotguns, SMGs and some new abilities to garner.

As far as expansions go, The Following will apparently be quite beefy – offering a good 10 to 20 hours worth of gameplay, depending on how compulsive you are about completing every little thing. Although an exact release date is yet to be confirmed, expect to pay in the order of $15 (R200), or if you were smart enough to purchase the Season Pass, it is included in it.

Take a look at the below trailer and see for yourself whether Dying Light is rasping and howling your name once more.


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