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Facebook recently debuted an iOS-only social media app called Lifestage. It's the brainchild of one of its product managers, Michael Sayman, who also happens to be 19 years old. Sayman designed Lifestage for high schoolers aiming to learn and know more about their peers, according to a recent profile by TechCrunch. To that end, Lifestage's in-depth features can only be used by those aged 21 and younger. Should you find yourself over the age limit, you can only create and view your own profile on Lifestage and nothing else. 

At the core of Lifestage's experience is video, with users prompted to create short videos capturing specific moments, akin to Snapchat in many respects. There doesn't appear to be any time limit on videos though, with Lifestage's app page noting that users can "share dozens of fields within their profile." 

For now, Lifestage remains limited to the United States, and based on its reception, will be released in other regions. Whether or not Lifestage can give Facebook a foothold with younger demographics remains to be seen, especially as Snapchat and the company's own Instagram have a far larger audience than that of this teenager-only platform.


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