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With Samsung's Galaxy S8 now a no-show for MWC 17 next month, attention has turned to other smartphone manufacturers and the devices they're working on. One offering in particular getting a fair bit of recognition is the LG G6, which surfaced earlier today via an image from The Verge.

The picture, which shows the front of the G6 from an angle and roughly two thirds of the body, introduces a significant design change for the South Korean manufacturer. While we're still to see the device in full, our initial assessment is a mixture of the Huawei P series and Apple iPhone devices. Whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen. 

Furthermore, it appears as if the modular design of the G5 is gone, being replaced by something a bit more conventional. It could, however, be a bit of misdirection, as the bottom portion of the phone is not in view. Perhaps LG is taking Motorola's approach to modular and integrating a set of smart pins to the rear of the device.  

While this image confirms quite a bit about the LG G6, there are still many lingering questions, all of which will be answered at the phone's official launch at MWC 17 on 26 February.


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