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It should surprise no one that the work of George R.R. Martin is being mined for yet another potential series, after the tremendous success of Game of Thrones. According to Empire, the next work being restyled for the TV screen is Skin Trade, a 1989 published mystery/horror novella penned by Martin, which appeared alongside works by Stephen King and Dan Simmons for a series named Dark Visions.    

Skin Trade centers around investigator Randi Wade, and a number of gruesome murders occurring in her town. As it turns out, the murders are being carried out by Wade's friend Willie Flambeaux, who is a werewolf in hiding. 

The option to pick up Skin Trade's rights, and develop it into a TV series, has been taken by HBO-owned Cinemax, with producer Kalinda Vasquez (Once Upon a Time, Prison Break) reportedly tasked with bringing it to life as Martin completes GoT's scripts. While the look and feel of Skin Trade remains a mystery given how early in the process its development is, we'd guess that a similar on-screen experience to True Blood will be on the cards.  

For now, an expected air date for the series is unknown, but it does ensure that Martin's work will remain on screen for some time to come.


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