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One of the many manufacturers that showcased their take on VR headsets, the Vive VR from HTC first made its debut at Mobile World Congress in March. At the time the Taiwanese manufacturer said it would make the headsets commercially available before the year's end. That launch window has since changed, as HTC has posted an update on its blog stating that commercial units will be available in April 2016.

The blog post has been crafted to "clear up speculation and misinformation about the launch of HTC Vive," particularly as the Samsung Gear VR2 is on course for its arrival, as well as the PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift detailing its gaming plans. As such, it appears that HTC wants to control the flow of information, along with keeping anxious VR fiends updated.

Currently, HTC says it has been distributing Vive Developer Kits to a number of content creators. We've already seen examples of what the Vive can do, thanks to legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, and we're hoping to see more content of that ilk at next year's CES event in January. To that end, HTC will make a further 7000 Vive headsets available to developers with a commercial debut slated for an undisclosed date in April 2016.


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