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If Apple had ‘courage’ to get rid of the headphone jack on their latest iPhones, what exactly does Samsung have? Sammobile, a site dedicated to Samsung news, tips and tricks, reports that it can “exclusively confirm” that Samsung is about to ditch the trusty 3.5 mm connection on next year’s Galaxy S8.

Doing so, the site notes, will make the S8 thinner as well as allow for more space for a bigger battery, one th

at perhaps won’t blow up this time around. Unless you own a pair of wireless earphones, which in general retail for R1500 upwards, you would have to make use of the USB Type-C port with an added adapter to listen with cabled headphones. This is much the same as with the new iPhone 7 and Moto Z setup.

Sammobile also talks about stereo speakers being included into the upcoming S8, with further rumours believing the company might also do away with its physical home button. This is in line with what other Android manufacturers have been doing for ages. The suggestion is that it allows for an edge-to-edge display, one that hopefully looks a bit like the Mi Mix.

Furthermore, a dual-camera setup could also make an appearance, but whether it will be for enhanced clarity (Huawei P9), a wide-angle camera (LG G5), or an extra optical zoom lens (Apple iPhone 7 Plus) is anyone’s guess.

All should be revealed come February at Mobile World Congress, where the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 edge will make their debut. Hopefully the S8 will be available in South Africa shortly afterwards.


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