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Whatever the South Korean equivalent is for the gauntlet being thrown down - it has happened. If invites are to be believed, then Samsung and LG are set to go toe to toe on 21 February, the Sunday before Mobile World Congress 2016 officially kicks off. We've already seen (unofficial) tidbits of what Samsung might have in store, but no its LG which has detailed what it will be bringing to the party. Namely, a new flagship device in the guise of the G5.

A gif invite has been doing the rounds lately, showcasing some of the features the G5 will be packing. The most significant at this stage is an always-on screen, with the South Korean manufacturer using the tagline, "Never go to sleep while others do." This always-on screen will display core smartphone information, such as missed calls, new messages and emails, as well as calendar information, and of course the date and time. What effect it will have on battery life remains to be seen.

This always-on feature has lead The Verge to believe that the G5 could be switching from an IPS LCD display, seen on the G4, to an OLED version, which can save power by only illuminating certain portions of the screen. LG has been toying with similar solutions, as it did with the second screen sporting V10.  

Added to this are rumours of an entirely new smartphone design, with a removable accessory slot being one bit of information doing the rounds. Furthermore, the power and volume keys are said to be changing position, as well as the use of more premium materials.

As for which of these smartphone manufacturers wins MWC 2016, we'll find out on the morning of the 22nd.


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