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Different to their South Korean counterparts Samsung, LG unveiled their latest flagship device at a small launch event in New York yesterday - the LG G4. As has unfortunately become the norm in recent years, specs and images for the device were leaked several weeks before the official debut, which sadly took away from some of the drama of last night's reveal.

That said, LG did not disappoint in showcasing some of the refined elements it has been working on for the G4, with the vastly improved 5.5" QHD Quantum display (2560x1440) and 16 MP OIS 2.0 primary camera being the true standout features.

Front and Back

The form factor should be all too familiar to G3 (review) users, with a subtle curve of the back cover said to be more ergonomically sound and robust compared to standard candy bar shaped devices, according to the South Korean manufacturer. Using what LG terms as a simple arc design, the G4 is intended to sit better in hand, which should prove interesting as it measures in at 5.5" (diagonally), just like the G3 does. As aforementioned, LG has zeroed in on two specific aspects of the G4's user experience - display and camera.

The 5.5" display now incorporates “Quantum QHD technology”, to produce a richer and brighter viewing experience for users, with LG stating that it's a major step forward for smartphone displays. While we have not seen it in person just yet, it does boast an impressive 538 ppi pixel density, which is on par with the previous iteration G3.

A large portion of last night's presentation was also dedicated to the enhanced 16 MP camera found on the G4's rear. One of its key components is an F1.8 aperture and tri-axis OIS image stabilisation system. Added to this is a manual shooting mode designed to let users calibrate a number of camera settings to capture images. LG is particularly proud of this feature, and made the rather bold claim that the G4 is "a legitimate option when you don't have a digital SLR." As such, the camera will certainly be one aspect we'll be eager to test out when the G4 arrives locally.

Flagship Standards

Other specifications to take note of is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset found internally. For now however, LG has remained tight lipped on the precise number of cores and clocked processor speed. LG has divulged a few other details on the G4 though, as it receives a generous 3 GB of RAM and features a 3000 mAh removable battery.

Added to this, are two distinct back cover options, with a genuine leather and ceramic version available to order. According to LG, the leather version will wear as natural leather does, creating a unique patina with age and use.

The LG G4 is expected to land in the US and select countries within the next few weeks, but no official word yet on its local availability and pricing.    


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