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Primed for release on 22 August, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is one of the most hotly anticipated games for the second half of 2017. We've already seen the Bright Lord, and his plans to tackle Sauron in an immersive gameplay trailer a few weeks ago, but now the latest trailer gives us a glimpse at the beauty of the open-world that developers Monolith Productions has been working on. 

To that end, the large scale environments and buildings of Middle-earth are nicely juxtaposed to the melee combat of the game. As such, you may get distracted by a sunset as you stalk behind an enemy guard before making your killer blow. 

Whereas the supremely impressive Shadow of Mordor was more about going it solo, this new chapter appears to be a mixture, with your army adding a nice real-time strategy-esque element to gameplay. 

Hitting the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, Shadow of War could very well outdo its 2014 predecessor if the trailers we've seen to date are anything to go by.


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