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Like the Dark Knight himself, the Batman: Arkham Knight news keeps on coming, relentlessly. The latest, however, doesn’t centre on Batman himself or even his allies but rather his foes. This time, it is that ever annoying psychopathic Harley Quinn who has gone and gotten herself her own trailer. This shows Quinn in action in her own DLC, in which players will be able to step into her stilettos and wreck havoc on Gotham’s ever beleaguered police force.

Along with a baseball bat, it looks as though Quinn has a few melee surprises of her own, capitalizing on her agility and some acrobatic moves that suggests in an alternate universe, she could have been a hell of a gymnast. Those though, aren’t the only things she manages to pummel the good guys with; it is her grating capacity for goading that adds insult to injury.

Beyond that, also briefly hinted at is a new video for the Red Hood DLC, who departs from the fists and feet in favour of something a little more Gunslinger – dual pistols. And, if you are unfortunate enough to be an employee in Gotham, it looks like Red Hood provides ample opportunity to hate him even more, as a main cause of certain unlucky few having to work overtime.   

Moving on from the bad(dies) to the good, in other Batman: Arkham Knight news, the latest

Arkham Insider video from Rocksteady dishes the goods on the New Game+ mode. More specifically, players can look forward to having access to all their unlocked gadgets as well as their XP. You can take a look at that video below for more.


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