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Like many other apparel brands, Nike is trying to get its shoes onto the feet on as many people possible. The company currently has its normal ecommerce channels including its own online store, but it also sells gear through the SNKRS app, and most recently an official option on Amazon. Looking to its future plans, Nike CEO Mark Parker confirmed in a Q4 earnings call via Bloomberg, that the company will be selling directly on Instagram. 

The move to Amazon was in a bid to stem the sale of counterfeit goods on the website, but the motivation for the integration of a sales channel through Instagram is slightly different. According to the company, they're aiming to connect more directly with those consumers who are spending hours perusing the social media app looking at sneakers. 

Precisely how buying via Instagram will work has not been detailed, but Engadget believes Instagram's native shopping tags feature is the most likely route. For those unfamiliar with the tag, it allows users to tap on an ad posted by a brand, with options to purchase popping up from there. 

We're not sure yet what kind of product catalogue Nike will introduce on Instagram, but if the company can port over some of its more exclusive collaborations, it could be onto a winning formula in our opinion, unless the sneakerbots get there first.


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