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Samsung South Africa has introduced a new mobile premium service for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices called Samsung Mobile Care (SMC), which aims to offer customers a smooth and convenient repair service with expert care.

“Your mobile phone is possibly one of the most important technology devices you possess and use daily, it therefore needs to be looked after and maintained properly. This is why we have introduced Samsung Mobile Care exclusively for customers who purchase a Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphone,” says Craige Fleischer, director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa.

SMC is a Service Plan for your Galaxy S8 and S8+ device in the unfortunate event of accidental screen damage. It provides a quick and easy solution that allows you up to two screen repairs in a 24-month period. The Service Plan costs R69.99 per month, with the first month being free of charge, thereafter consumers can opt-in ot out of the service. Alternatively, customers can purchase the Plan at a discounted fee of only R1 299 as a once-off payment for the full duration of the two-year period. 

Samsung also points out that its ADH is not coming to an end, but rather that it will not apply for the company's new devices, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. That said, consumers can still apply for ADH for any of Samsung's previous devices. The company does, however, note that SMC is a better option than ADH, as it affords two screen repairs, with one applying for each year of the 48 month service, whereas ADH only covers one repair over 12 months.

The most valuable benefit of SMC, according to Samsung, is that customers can be assured they will receive the best repair service for their Galaxy S8 and S8+ from knowledgeable, highly trained and accredited technicians at the company. Furthermore, with every phone repair, Samsung conducts a standard battery test and if the battery’s power functionality is found to be less than 80%, the company will replace it without the customer paying additional fees. 

“The SMC Service Plan is only available from Samsung on the Rewards programme. With Samsung Mobile Care you can unbox your phone with peace of mind and know that in the event of accidental screen damage, Samsung will solve the problem,” concludes Fleischer.

After the one month free trial customers who wish to extend the service plan can log their details onto the Samsung Rewards App which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Samsung App Store and a dedicated Samsung agent will be able to assist. Alternatively they can contact the SMC contact centre on 0861 888 003 or email


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