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Do you remember that announcement of a fantastic looking Star Wars game, which saw you as a bounty hunter roaming the steamy underbelly of Coruscant? No? That’s because Star Wars 1313 was announced in 2012, received a terrific trailer and promptly got cancelled when Disney acquired LucasArts.

The latest good news is that Star Wars 1313 may not be fated to remain frozen in carbonite forever, as recently Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy sparked a new hope for the game, or at least some of its ideas.

In an interview with Slashfilm, along with referencing a live action TV series that was in development called Star Wars: Underworld, Kennedy also directly mentioned Star Wars 1313. She was quoted as noting that the company wasn’t intending to throw any of the material away. Rather, apparently much of it, including the cancelled game, is being closely looked at and discussed.

Admittedly, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Star Wars 1313 definitely will happen as originally planned, but it’s good to know that the concepts presented haven’t been entirely ejected into the vast reaches of space either. To refresh your memory of what might have been, and, if the Force is with us, could still happen, take a look at the original gameplay trailer below.


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