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This year has brought a number of terrific action/survival horror titles to the fore, with the likes of Bloodborne (review)Until Dawn (review), Dying Light (review) and Alien: Isolation all turning fear into a recreational past time. Now, apparently, there’s another creepy new kid on the block on its way, with Syndrome being a survival horror on the horizon aiming to scare your shirtless.

The first person survival horror title, from Camel 101, will apparently take players to a dark spaceship (you weren’t really expecting a well lit one now, were you?) because there is nothing like cruising through the vast reaches of space to set one on edge.

Alas, you will not be alone on your voyage, and the companions you have to contend with are far worse than the creature who insists on treating you to the ripe smell of his feet at 2am (true story). No, you have to contend with nameless horror that is somewhere onboard, while discovering the answer to that ever-present question, what the hell happened?  Worse yet, you awake to discover that your 50 strong crew, who were similarly in cryosleep are either dead or…different .

Despite being able to arm yourself with weapons (presumably from the 40+ marines who were on the spaceship with you), there is a catch, as players will have to contend with limited ammo, and thus decide when fleeing is a better option than fighting.    

While the sci-fi horror game is still several months away, releasing on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in the second quarter of 2016, a trailer for it has already been released. Take a look at the below.  


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