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It’s been a good twenty years since Mark Renton, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie graced us with their Scottish presence. The boys are indeed back in town with a first official trailer (not just a teaser) for T2: Trainspotting, the follow-up to the 1996 cult classic.

The movie is loosely based on Irvine Welsh’s Porno, and is also set twenty years past the events of the first movie. Everyone is a bit older and wiser, or are they really? The trailer certainly doesn’t reveal too much, except that there will be sex and drugs and rock and roll, again.  

Original director Danny Boyle (Shallow Grave) is back at the helm, and from past interviews about the movie he is indeed cognisant of the fact that Trainspotting has a special part not only in pop culture but in many people’s hearts. Meaning, he knows not to mess this one up.

You might remember the original Choose Life monologue, so here is the latest version, specially updated for our social media infused life.

“Choose life
Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares
Choose looking up old flames, wishing you’d done it all differently
And choose watching history repeat itself
Choose your future
Choose reality TV, slut shaming, revenge porn
Choose a zero-hour contract, a two-hour journey to work
And choose the same for your kids, only worse, and smother the pain with an unknown dose of an unknown drug made in somebody’s kitchen
And then… take a deep breath
You’re an addict, so be addicted
Just be addicted to something else
Choose the ones you love
Choose your future
Choose life”

Check the trailer below, but note that it might be considered NSFW.


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