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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder is currently filming DC's next big movie, Justice League, set for release in November 2017. As he did with the previous film, Snyder has been drip feeding fans snippets for the upcoming project. Now a look at Batman's new tactical suit, which he will wear for part of Justice League has been posted by Snyder on his Twitter page

While a look at any new Batsuit is greatly appreciated, this one is getting some mixed reaction, particular as it bears a striking resemblance to the one Nite Owl dons in the 2009 Snyder directed Watchmen movie. The tactical Batsuit looks to keep the usual dark colours that the Caped Crusader favours intact, but the inclusion of goggles appears lifted straight from Nite Owl's suit. 

Similarities to Nite Owl don't end there, as we think back to the Comic-Con trailer released for Justice League, and one scene that sees Batman disembark a hovering vehicle of some kind, which almost looks frame for frame like a shot from Watchmen. 

Hopefully though the similarities end there, as Batman was one of the shining lights in the divisive Dawn of Justice movie.


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