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Keeping pace with all the tools and technologies that provide protection from the cybersecurity onslaught can be overwhelming, but not impossible, says Colin Thornton, Chief Commercial Officer at Turrito Networks.

There are a lot of statistics when it comes to cybercriminals and the digital weapons they use to wage war.  Statistics that make business owner’s blood run cold and gives managers sleepless nights. In 2021, cybercrime events across both public and private sectors made headlines and caused lots of late nights. The Solar Winds and Colonial Pipeline attacks hit more than just the company bottom line and trust, they also had a measurable impact on local and global economies. And these breaches sat alongside increasingly intelligent ransomware, critical infrastructure hacks, targeted phishing and smishing scams, and, according to research, 50% more cyberattacks per week on the corporate network compared to 2020. It’s hardly surprising that cybercrime is now considered the top risk for companies in 2022 – leading the pack ahead of supply chain disruption, natural disasters and the pandemic – according to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2022.

For the small to medium business (SMB) owner, this is overwhelming and yes, scary.  Which is why it’s easier to ignore it.

And this is in turn why managed security services (MSS) have become so popular, and so relevant.  The MSS market is growing at a 7.8% CAGR for a reason. It offers SMBs a cost-effective, measurable, manageable and secure service that ensures peace of mind across every one of the essential business touchpoints of security and compliance.

Working with an MSS also puts the latest technology into the hands of the business without it having to undertake extensive research, hire skilled people, or dedicate unexpected resources to the management of a new system. After all, it’s close to impossible for a busy business owner to stay ahead of all the tools, products and services designed to combat the cybersecurity threat. You’re invested into building your own brand and solutions and do not have the capacity or budget to squeeze cybersecurity into the mix. This is why managed security has become so relevant.

With a trusted MSS partner, you can benefit from solutions such as endpoint detection & response (EDR) – smart systems that detect problems before they can harm the organisation – and artificial intelligence-powered self-healing systems.  Without the hefty price tag of migrations, on-site IT teams, or an expensive security chief. The MSS team ensures that new and business-relevant solutions are implemented on time but more importantly, are constantly monitored and maintained.   They take on the role of the security guard, getting to know your environment and its quirks so that any unexpected events or strange behaviours are identified and managed properly.

Today, there are literally millions of variations of malware, hackers or fraudsters all focused on one purpose – get into the business and steal data or money.  Trying to stop this tide with traditional tools or people is unfortunately not good enough anymore.  Tools and people now need the help of AI or machine learning, not just to scan for known threats but to also detect anomalous behaviour.  An MSS will help you navigate this new world and determine the right solution depending on your needs – compliance, scalability, hybrid workforce, etc. – and then unpack the best tools and solutions for the job.  Now, instead of looking at every product that boasts all the benefits and protection, you get a security solution that is agile enough to match your unique operating environment.

While this may be the era of cybercrime and threat, it is equally that of cybersecurity and intelligent support.  Do not relegate cybersecurity to a grudge purchase that performs at a limited level... instead make it an investment into a cyber-ecosystem that supports growth and profits while putting the business ahead of digital risk. For more information, visit


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