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For a couple of years now, Sony Pictures has teased plans to develop a number of spinoff projects for the Spider-Man universe, but several of those got canned following the reboot of the webslinger in Captain America: Civil War. One film has endured, however, with a Venom spinoff movie set to hit cinemas in 2018.

As for whom will be playing the symbiote, Sony has confirmed that Tom Hardy will be taking on the role of Venom via Twitter, with the actor posing for a pic donning a t-shirt bearing the symbiote. Which version of the character he'll be portraying is still unclear though, with a choice of either Flash Thompson or Eddie Brock on the cards.

In terms of acting, it's seems like Hardy is a spot-on fit, having played unhinged characters in films like Bronson and Legend, as well as taking on physical parts in The Dark Knight Rises and Warrior. It does, however, mean that we probably won't ever see Hardy try his hand as Wolverine, which is another superhero role he could certainly play.

Nevertheless, we think Sony Pictures has done a stellar job in terms of casting, and hopefully 2018's Venom film will do the beloved villain justice and remove any memories of Topher Grace's (That 70's Show) version in Spider-Man 3. 


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