Amazon reveals top selling Kindle books of all time

By Staff Writer 16 November 2017

In celebration of its ten-year existence, Amazon has released data pertaining to the top selling books of all time, both for fiction and non-fiction. FULL STORY >


COMICS a-go: Find it on the web

By Moray Rhoda 15 January 2014

If you love comics (or used to) but can't find comic shops in your area, your best bet is to make a bee-line to the web. Comic book guru Moray Rhoda investigates. FULL STORY >


Amazon announces new Kindle Paperwhite

By Ryan Noik 4 September 2013

Amazon has announced a newly upgraded Kindle Paperwhite, promising better contrast, faster page turn times and greater touch responsiveness. FULL STORY >


Amazon updates Kindle app, touts new features

By Ryan Noik 6 June 2013

Amazon has announced something new and something old, in the form of the latest update for its Kindle iOS app and its Kindle DX respectively. FULL STORY >


Kindle Paperwhite

By Ryan Noik 11 April 2013

We go hands-on with the Kindle Paperwhite and find out whether an enhanced e-ink reader can still hold its own in a tablet-obsessed world. FULL STORY >


Kindle Paperwhite launched locally

By Ryan Noik 20 March 2013

After a long six month wait, the newest Kindle Paperwhite has finally made it to South African shores, bringing with it a light for reading and brightening hopes for the ereader segment. FULL STORY >


Kindle for iOS update erases ebook library

By Ryan Noik 28 February 2013

Kindle for iOS users beware: a new update may inadvertently erase your ebook library on your iPad. FULL STORY >


Quick Review - Belkin Verve Tab Folio

By Ryan Noik 10 December 2012

Belkin's Verve Tab Folio offers a classy and attractive way to protect and store one's Kindle Touch. FULL STORY >


Amazon unveils new Kindles

By Ryan Noik 7 September 2012

Amazon has come out swinging, announcing a new range of Kindle tablets, called the Kindle Fire HD, as well as updating its popular e-ink reader with a clearer display and integrated illumination. FULL STORY >


Kobo announces new ereaders

By Ryan Noik 6 September 2012

A day before Amazon is expected to update its Kindle line, Kobo has revealed three new ereading devices of its own. FULL STORY >


Amazon ups the ante

By Ryan Noik 6 July 2012

Amazon is apparently developing its own smartphone along with four new Kindle Fire 2 models to compete against Apple and Google. FULL STORY >


Kindle Fire 2 may be on its way

By Ryan Noik 27 June 2012

Amazon is rumoured to be on the verge of launching a second generation of its Kindle Fire tablet in the month ahead. FULL STORY >


New Kindles may be on their way

By Ryan Noik 15 May 2012

New Kindles may already be in the works, and could find their way to market by as early as July. FULL STORY >


Tablets on track for 106 million sales mark

By Ryan Noik 14 March 2012

So popular are tablets that the IDC has had to revise its tablet shipment projections for 2012. FULL STORY >


FLEx Lighting unveils illuminated optical film for ereaders

By Ryan Noik 15 December 2011

FLEx Lighting has launched an illuminated optical film for e-ink e-readers FULL STORY >

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